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Transforming Specialty Patient Engagement



Real-Time Insights

Connected Patient Journeys

Fully customizable engagement to transform standard patient experiences into data driven patient journeys.  


Where precision medicine is supported through 
Precision Patient Engagement

The Complexity Of Specialty Patient Management In One Interoperable Interface

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Specialty Management:
Automate Specialty care activities for hundreds of indications

Intelligent Refills:
A system that adapts to the complexity of refill requirements

Documents & Education:
Proactively deliver educational documents, forms & e-signature

Clinical Program Delivery:
Accommodate 500+ unique clinical data collection opportunities.

Manufacturer Programs:
Embed branded support services within Specialty Programs.

Co-Pay & Affordability:
Provide patients with digital payment support options

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Are you ready to transform your specialty experience with CassianRx?

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty  Manufacturers

PBM & Health Systems

Our Commitment to Data Security, Accessibility, and Privacy:

From HIPAA security to data warehousing, Cassian is your trusted partner in ensuring all systems comply with legislation and patient privacy guidelines.