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Bring High Touch Digital Care
To Specialty Pharmacy

From increasing accreditation requirements to patients seeking more ways to connect, the time for uncompromising patient engagement is now.


Turn Real-time Patient Connection Into Advanced Insights

Specialty Engagement Modules 

  • SMS, Email, App

  • Robust Specialty Clinical Programs

  • Refill Requests

  • Behavioral Evaluation

  • Live Chat

  • Engagement Platform

  • Custom Reporting

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Leverage Leading Digital Patient Experience to Scale your Specialty Practice 

See how digital tools automate each phase of the Specialty Patient Journey to reduce the operational burdens of patient management. Embed manufacturer programs within each unique patient journey. 

Turn Real-time Patient Connection Into Advanced Insights

SMS, Email, Web, App

Automatically optimize each engagement over all channels

Refill Requests

Complete refill requests at anytime

Live Chat

Engage with members over simple live chat 

Clinical Assessments

Deliver clinical activities automatically 

Pharmacy Updates

Landing in portal to post pharmacy FAQ  and updates

Automatic Schedule

 Clinical and admin activities automatically scheduled 


Complete tasks digitally and free up valuable resources

Shipping Updates

Provide patients with real time updates on shipping progress

Escalated Activities

Act the most pressing patient  reported issues first