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Embed precision patient engagement across the manufacturer access & support journey

CassianRx collaborates with your access and trade team to embed cutting edge digital enhanced services engagement that connect your access journey, patient support programs and specialty distribution channels.

HUB | PSP | Patient Assistance | Specialty Pharmacy

Complete Manufacturer Engagement 

CassianRx Provider Engagement

Digital Hub Services | Guided Web-Tours | PRO Data Collection

Rewire the patient experience to enhance access & outcomes 

Generate decision level insight & automate interventions

CassianRx Patient Engagement is the integrated digital solution for automating every aspect of specialty patient care. Enhance patient access, link to Hub services, and receive multi-dimensional reporting integrated into your CRM.

Enroll & Engage

Expand longitudinal engagement with your Hub, PSP, and support programs by embedding enhanced consent across patient programs

Hi Mary,

Your personalized patient care portal is ready. Your specialty care team is waiting for you to join them.

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Branded & Customizable Specialty Pharma Patient Engagement

Personalize & Engage 

Cassian collaborates with your trade, access & brand team to embed enhanced consent & engagement programs that synergistically automate patient support & enrollment

Text engagement

Affordability, Co-Pay, Adherence

Leverage robust engagement modules to build strong patient connection, and eliminate gaps before they occur with the right intervention.

Medication Reconciliation Image

Real Time Stratification

Use real-time analytics to identify subpopulation based intervention and stratification for reporting and analytics.

Integrated Reporting: Hub & CRM

With real-time patient connection comes powerful insights that allows your team to reduce workload, improve care, and increase revenue.

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Pharma modules

Enhanced Web & Guided FAQ

Provide guided & data rich patient experiences to support patients at each stage of treatment. Meet patients where they are and capture valuable CRM insights. 

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Pharma Guide
Specialty Pharma Guide
Pharma Guide

The Pharma Guide To Specialty Patient Engagement

Access updated insight regarding patient attitudes towards branded specialty services in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Formulate the business case for embedding interoperable services into your specialty pharmacy, brand or EMR.

Accessibility, Security, & Data Transparency are the cornerstones
of our service  

HIPAA Security



Proxy Access


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