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The best in automated patient engagement

Behavioral Evaluations
Power your patient engagement and reporting with simple, and automated patient communication
Patient Engagement Text
Patient Workflow
Data Reports
Patient Workflow
Enable your team to deliver thousands of personalized and dynamic activities with a single click, automatically receive completed patient reported measures
Analytics & Reporting
Enjoy a system powered to capture every reportable interaction through advanced analytics and machine learning optimization
Patient Journey First

With Cassian Flex, Patient activation begins with a simple and automated process. Flex providea personalized and frequent engagements, supporting the entire patient journey. 


Cassian Flex is designed to embed in existing patient management systems, through our API data infrastructure. 


Each Specialty Pharmacy, Hub, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturer has unique engagement needs. Flex is designed to capture and monitor your unique requirements.


Designed to capture critical patient outcomes at every turn, custom reports and real time updates, makes outcomes easier than ever.

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