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Rewiring pharmaceutical digital patient engagement to enhance the access journey

Transform pharmaceutical digital patient engagement within access and support programs to generate advanced patient segmentation, automate HUB enrollment, and accurate patient journey insights.

Multi-Dimensional data collection opportunities within access journey
Multi-Dimensional data collection opportunities within access journey

Early adopters of pharmaceutical digital patient engagement have successfully improved enrollment in patient support programs, Hubs, and patient assistance programs. However, there are additional opportunities that can significantly enhance the patient access journey.

In the following sections, a simple roadmap is provided to achieve integrated & multi-dimensional decision level insights throughout the access journey.

Action 1 - Embed Enhanced Consent as foundation of Pharmaceutical Digital Patient Engagement

Opportunities to embed enhanced consent persist across multiple stages of the patient journey. Intelligent and integrated solutions to obtain enhanced consent enable pharmaceutical brands to stay in close contact with patients, and deliver the appropriate engagement at the right time to achieve optimal support and enrollment.

Action 2 - Integrate Enrollment

Obtaining enhanced consent from patients during multiple stages of the patient journey

enables journey stage and archetype specific engagement from automated digital patient engagement. As patients receive engagements specific to their access and requirements and stage digital services can automatically escalate patients into Hub programs or specified payment assistance programs.

Patients who visit the branded site for information can sign up for updates and helpful information about the therapy. During each engagement, the digital engagement services gathers demographic, preference, and stage specific insights regarding treatment. If the patient indicates further support is necessary, the digital service can automatically escalate patients into the HUB or patient assistance programs. Upon enrollment, the HUB team will immediately receive PRO and archetype information to provide personalized support.

Action 3 - Multi-Dimensional Archetyping

Embedding simple archetyping questions within web, mobile, and app engagements accelerates time to patient resolution, and provides simple methods to personalize communication moving forward. The following are a few helpful archetyping questions that enables personalized engagement and intelligent escalation:

  1. Treatment Stage

  2. Disease Impact & Treatment Score

  3. Insurance Type

  4. Coverage Stage

These four data collection opportunities enable the simple archetyping of patients into actionable categories for personalized engagement. For example, a cash pay patient with a high determination to start therapy will receive different engagements and resources compared to a commercial patient with a low disease impact score and multiple failed attempts to get on therapy. Accessing this data within the CRM is a powerful way to ensure each patient gets the detailed support needed to begin treatment.

Action 4 - Personalized Engagement & Retention

Modern digital patient engagement offers personalized patient communication and decision level insights at low cost. As patients receive engagement from digital services, brand, trade, and access teams can collaborate with the digital team to curate disease and treatment specific segmentation based on the patient reported outcomes. Personalized engagement enables patients to receive high-quality information with minimal effort, while brands gain deeper insights into each specified archetype.

Action 5 - Embed High Power Data Sets Across the patient Journey

As specialty pharmacy and PBM services are rapidly evolving, leading specialty pharmacy partners are able to provide patient specific treatment information to power decision level insights. For example, personalized digital engagement programs that address patient challenges are effective tools to help patients get started on therapy, but what about when a patient is on therapy? How can digital be used to deliver precision patient engagement to mitigate drop-off and improve patient outcomes?

To support patients on therapy, digital patient engagement services need to be integrated into specialty pharmacies, claims processing systems through PBMs, or within the EMR. The choice of integration point depends on the specialty infrastructure, patient population, and the level of decision-level insight required.

Integrating into the specialty pharmacy allows digital engagement programs to utilize patient-reported outcomes (PRO) for engagement models that predict patient drop-off based on changes in reported therapy benefits, symptoms, care changes, and fill data. Integrating at the PBM level provides valuable information on patient fills and drop-off, which can be used to trigger automated interventions to identify reasons for drop-off.

Partner with CassianRx to achieve your patient engagement goals

At CassianRx we collaborate with brand, trade, and payer teams to embed services that reflect the nuanced challenges of each therapy and unique patient population. As an extension of your team we provide integrated and intelligent patient solutions that extend the existing services within each brand.

Further, CassianRx partners with leading specialty pharmacies to embed leading patient engagement infrastructure that enables this new paradigm of patient support.

Schedule time with CassianRx to get started.


About the Author

Dr. Collin Wolf

Dr. Collin Wolf currently serves as the President & Digital Strategy Lead at CassianRx.

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