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Leveraging CassianRx for Enhanced Adherence, Persistency, and FTE reduction in Specialty Pharmacy

Abstract: This whitepaper presents a comprehensive study highlighting the transformative impact of CassianRx, an automated patient engagement service utilizing SMS and email for proactive and self-serve engagement, on medication adherence, persistency, and operational efficiency in a specialty pharmacy. Focusing on patients with rheumatoid arthritis and asthma, the study analyzed data from both CassianRx-enrolled and non-enrolled patients over a 3-month period. The results demonstrate significant improvements in Proportion of Days Covered (PDC), persistency rates, and pharmacy turnaround time. This study emphasizes CassianRx's potential to drive positive health outcomes, patient empowerment, and optimized pharmacy operations.

1. Introduction: Improving patient medication adherence and pharmacy efficiency is a pivotal goal for specialty pharmacies. CassianRx introduces a cutting-edge approach by leveraging automated SMS and email communication to foster proactive and self-serve patient engagement. This whitepaper delves into the outcomes of a comprehensive study that assessed the impact of CassianRx on medication adherence, persistency rates, and pharmacy turnaround time among patients with rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

2. Methodology: The study encompassed patients with rheumatoid arthritis and asthma and spanned over a 3-month timeframe. Patients were categorized into two groups: those enrolled in the CassianRx portal and those who were not. Medication adherence was measured by Proportion of Days Covered (PDC), persistency rates, and pharmacy operational efficiency were evaluated. Statistical analysis was conducted to validate the significance of observed changes.

3. CassianRx Implementation: CassianRx provided an automated engagement platform that delivered personalized SMS and email reminders, promoting proactive medication adherence and empowering patients with self-serve engagement tools. Patients could access refill information and medication schedules through the CassianRx portal, creating a holistic engagement ecosystem.

4. Results: The results of the study substantiate the efficacy of CassianRx in enhancing patient outcomes and pharmacy operations:

  • Medication Adherence (PDC): Among patients with rheumatoid arthritis, PDC increased significantly from an average of 92.1% to 94.7%, with a P-value of 0.0. For asthma treatment, PDC improved from 91.6% to 94.7%, also with a P-value of 0.0.

  • Persistency Rates: The study revealed an increase in persistency rates for both conditions. In rheumatoid arthritis, persistency improved from 93.7% to 96.2%. In asthma conditions, persistency increased from 93.9% to 96.7%.

  • Pharmacy Turnaround Time: The specialty pharmacy experienced a reduction in turnaround time. For rheumatoid arthritis, the time decreased from 7.7 days to 7.3 days. In asthma cases, the turnaround time was significantly reduced from 8.9 days to 4.9 days.

  • Net Promoter Score: Patients surveyed within the specialty pharmacy reported a NPS (Scale of 1-10) of 8.4 regarding their experience with CassianRx.

5. Discussion: The study outcomes underscore the transformative potential of CassianRx. The automated patient engagement service empowers patients to take a proactive role in their treatment journey, leading to improved medication adherence and persistency. Moreover, the streamlined communication and self-serve capabilities contribute to operational efficiency gains, as demonstrated by reduced pharmacy turnaround time.

6. Implications: CassianRx's impact extends to patient outcomes, patient engagement, and pharmacy operations. The improved medication adherence and persistency can mitigate disease progression and associated healthcare costs. Enhanced pharmacy efficiency improves patient satisfaction and resource utilization.

7. Conclusion: The study showcases the holistic benefits of CassianRx, from bolstering patient medication adherence and persistency to optimizing pharmacy operations. The data-driven insights validate the positive impact of proactive and self-serve patient engagement through SMS and email. CassianRx emerges as a vital tool in elevating patient outcomes and pharmacy performance.

Future Directions: Future research could explore the long-term sustainability of improvements and the potential applicability of CassianRx to diverse healthcare settings and chronic conditions. Gathering patient feedback on their engagement experience could provide additional insights.

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