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In The News: Building Specialty Pharmacy Success

Posted by Navitus Health Solutions on Mar 10, 2022 6:00:00 AM

In the article, Sharon Faust, PharmD, Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy for Lumicera shares a few key initiatives that will continue to create an impact for patients and clients in 2022.

Foremost, in the section titled "Capitalizing on the Digital Era" the article describes CassianRx's involvement in advancing specialty care through digital service. "In late 2021, we partnered with Cassian Solutions, a provider of digital engagement tools, to develop a modern patient portal. This site will enhance a patient’s ability to experience “Lumicera Care, Anytime, Anywhere” through 24/7 access to resources and tools specific to their disease state and medication. Additionally, patients will be able to request refills, complete clinical questionnaires, and chat with clinicians to fulfill all of their care needs. Moving beyond an industry-standard offering, the portal integrates Cassian’s expertise with Lumicera’s superior clinical offerings and customer service to create a clinical experience tailored to the needs of each individual patient. The partnership with Cassian enables Lumicera to create a long-term vision, allowing for continuous enhancement and customization to create a truly best-in-market offering for patients."


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