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CassianRX Delivers Innovative Provider Portal for Ganse Apothecary’s Medication Management

Published 12/2/2020

by CassianRX

Cloud-based tool provides timely connectivity for delivery & administration of long-acting injectable medications for Pennsylvania specialty pharmacy leader in the behavior health community.

Pittsburgh, PA (December 2, 2020) – CassianRX, a cloud-based provider of digital specialty pharmacy engagement services, announces the delivery of an innovative Provider Portal for Ganse Apothecary, allowing for efficient coordination and delivery of specialty medications.

Medication Management for specialty medications often involves a collaborative approach between the provider and pharmacy. Through the power of a cloud-based system, Ganse Apothecary’s Provider Portal makes it easier than ever for providers and care teams to:

  • Transmit clinical, insurance, and demographic information for new patients

  • Respond to requests for clinical information and medication refills

  • Confirm deliveries for office-administered medications

  • Communicate patient updates to be addressed at the pharmacy level

The Ganse Apothecary Provider Portal enhances key areas in medication management by:

  • Utilizing pre-filled templates to guide the user through the reordering process

  • Providing the ability to enter and transmit live notes to the pharmacy regarding patient demographic, insurance, or clinical care updates

  • Simplifying updates to the provider and care team regarding Prior Authorization and Financial Assistance statuses

  • Eliminating the need for phone calls, voice mails, or faxes to complete refill outreaches and confirm medication deliveries

Behavioral health providers and long-term care facilities across Pennsylvania rely on Ganse Apothecary for the management and delivery of long-acting injectable antipsychotics. “Excellent patient care is at the center of our services,” Says Joshua Swantek, PharmD, Specialty Pharmacy Manager at Ganse Apothecary. “Developing a way for providers and care teams to interact with our services efficiently only advances this cause, especially when Covid-19 can lead to disruptions in the ordering process. The Ganse Apothecary Provider Portal will allow us to continue performing enhanced pharmacy services while recapturing valuable time for the providers and care teams for direct patient care.”

While originally envisioned specifically for long-acting injectable antipsychotics, the Provider Portal has quickly shown that it has the capability to support the needs of providers and care teams in other clinical areas. Ganse Apothecary is currently expanding their footprint in the behavioral health & neurology community as they develop new relationships with LTC facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers to expand upon Ganse’s current offering of limited distribution drugs, such as Ingrezza by Neurocrine Biosciences.

Regarding the potential impact of the Provider Portal on their pharmacy, Swantek added, “Collin and the team at CassianRX have exceeded our expectations in bringing the Provider Portal to those who trust Ganse Apothecary. We look forward to expanding the outreach of this cutting-edge tool and know that CassianRX will support our growth along the way.”

By supporting Ganse Apothecary, CassianRX sees this automated tool making a lasting and growing impact on patients regionally. “We see a significant opportunity in supporting specialty injections regionally and believe this is a gateway for further digital patient services in this space” says Collin Wolf, PharmD, Chief Science Officer of CassianRX. “Combining this offering with our intelligent systems to perform outreach and complete clinical and refill encounters will provide end-to-end support and robust patient care.

About CassianRX

CassianRX is a Pittsburgh based provider of digital patient engagement tools serving as a powerful extension of pharmacies and specialty services. Care teams can leverage a digital suite of omnichannel tools that provide immediate patient connection without disrupting existing workflows.

CassianRX’s unique clinical engagement services embeds best-in-class patient experiences, ensuring that even patients with more complex care needs receive the care they deserve. Pharmacies that use CassianRX enjoy improved clinical and financial outcomes while making day to day activities easier.

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About Ganse Apothecary

Ganse Apothecary is an independent, family-owned, pharmacy business consisting of a dual-accredited specialty pharmacy, a long-term care pharmacy, and a community-focused retail pharmacy. Ganse Apothecary provides services for a diverse set of clinical conditions while specializing in behavioral health, intellectual disabilities, and neurological disorders. The Ganse Apothecary team is proud to be trusted by healthcare providers and Pennsylvania residents for over 40 years.

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