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Precision Engagement & Reporting 
For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers And Specialty Pharmacy

Support a patient journey that is dynamic, non-linear and personal with insights that are precise, measurable, and predictive. Combine direct to patient engagement with predictive tools to accelerate commercial outcomes.

Embed Precision Engagement in Affordability, Co-Pay, Adherence and PAP

Text Engagement

Personalize & Engage 

Cassian uses machine learning technology to find the optimal engagement, message, and frequency to  interact with each patient over SMS, E-Mail and App.

Affordability, Co-Pay, Adherence

Leverage robust engagement modules to build strong patient connection, and eliminate gaps before they occur with the right intervention.

Medication Reconciliation

Real Time Stratification

Use real-time analytics to identify subpopulation based intervention and stratification for reporting and analytics.

Precision Reporting

With real-time patient connection comes powerful insights that allows your team to reduce workload, improve care, and increase & manage revenue.

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