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Precision Engagement & Reporting 
For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers And Specialty Pharmacy

Support a patient journey that is dynamic, non-linear and personal with insights that are precise, measurable, and predictive. Combine direct to patient engagement with predictive tools to accelerate commercial outcomes.

Integrated Omnichannel
 Increases Patient Involvement in Care & Brand Connection 

Of Patients Prefer SMS





Better Engagement 

Than Phone


Embed Precision Engagement in Affordability, Co-Pay, Adherence and PAP

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Personalize & Engage 

Cassian uses machine learning technology to find the optimal engagement, message, and frequency to  interact with each patient over SMS, E-Mail and App.

Affordability, Co-Pay, Adherence

Leverage robust engagement modules to build strong patient connection, and eliminate gaps before they occur with the right intervention.

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Real Time Stratification

Use real-time analytics to identify subpopulation based intervention and stratification for reporting and analytics.

Precision Reporting

With real-time patient connection comes powerful insights that allows your team to reduce workload, improve care, and increase & manage revenue.

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Download the Pharma Guide to Precision Patient Engagement

Pharma modules

Premier clinical care & assistance modules embedded in our most powerful system yet

SMS, Email, Web, App

Automatically optimize each engagement over all channels

Refill Requests

Complete refill requests at anytime

Live Chat

Engage with members over simple live chat 

Clinical Assessments

Deliver clinical activities automatically 


Landing in portal to post pharmacy FAQ  and updates

Provider Portal

 Clinical and admin activities automatically scheduled 

AE Reporting

Provide a digital adverse event reporting module


Provide patients with real time mobile support on payment

Escalated Activities

Act the most pressing patient  reported issues first

Pharma security

Accessibility, Security, & Data Transparency are the cornerstones

of our service  

HIPAA Security



Proxy Access


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